Package of 3 gifts of forgiveness cards envelopes included.  These make excellent Valentines, anniversary, birthday gifts and a beautiful expression of love and committment.  These are given as a gift to be redeemed as needed in the future. #payforwardforgiveness.


Forgiveness is one of the most loving, empowering, uplifting, and liberating gifts a person can offer and give.  Often people want to harbor resentment and hold back forgiveness as a form of punishment and a tit for tat to the point of destroying relationships and to the self-destruction of one's self.   


What Is being offered is an opportunity for people to #payforwardforgiveness.  These gift cards, if given out with intentional love and the belief in true forgiveness, I believe, will open up hearts and conversations about our need to be forgiven.  Think of this gift card as a get out of jail free forgiveness card.  These should be used sparingly and with good sense.  There are instances where a person is too stubborn or even scared to ask for forgiveness.  Once we get into the practice of asking for and giving forgiveness, I believe we will not only start witnessing better behavior, but marriages, families, and friendships will be saved and become even more reliable, solid, and secure. 


Please use these gift cards in good and common sense.  There are some wrongdoings that cannot be blindly forgiven.  If you choose to redeem this card from the recipient of your generous gift, then you must love extravagantly and forgive with a hug.


Gift of Forgiveness


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