Tricia and her Son Dominic

" I am proud of myself; I can now talk to my son without crying." These are Tricia's words, who A Day Closer had the privilege of assisting with the expense to visit her son Dominic.

Tragic is the way I would describe Dominic's story. Almost seven years later, Tricia wakes up thinking or hoping that this tragedy that will affect two families for a lifetime is a reoccurring nightmare. Life is unpredictable, and anyone of us can find ourselves in an awful situation that we never in a million years could have thought it would happen to us. I say, "never say never because never seems always to happen."

Incarceration was not in Dominic's

future; he had aspirations to be an anesthesiologist. Dominic, the middle child of three sons, was a straight-A student who was free-spirited and always willing to give someone his last dime and a helping hand. He is the person who will find a way to help others see the positive and always ready to cheer someone up who needs it. Tricia says that Dominic lights up a room with his positive energy as soon as he enters.

Dominic has changed his career goals; he now wants to become a lawyer. He is in the process of getting his books and will be starting off learning to be a paralegal. His lawyer, who has recognized his ability, has offered him a position in her law firm once released.

Face to face visits are not only vital for the person incarcerated, but they are just as crucial for the family members making the often long journey. In Tricia's case, it is a 1500 mile drive. We go into these visits with the intent and desire to keep our family solid and intact. We leave our visits, hoping we have left behind enough love and faith until our next visit.

Tricia was emotional, leaving her last visit, but she did not cry. She said, "like Dom always tells me, Ma put on your big girl panties."

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