"Riding on a Cloud of Joy"

I believe it is hard for most people who have not experienced having a loved one incarcerated to feel compassion and empathy for the severe collateral damage incarceration does to a family, in particular, the children. Some people take the hard line of well " They should not have committed the crime." I say we are human, and as humans, we at times make awful decisions and life-altering mistakes. Every man and woman incarcerated has their own story of why they committed their offense. As an organization, A Day Closer is not concerned with a person's past. We are concerned about their now, their family and for a successful future. With an 80 percent divorce rate for marriages experiencing incarceration and with 2.7 million children with a parent incarcerated A day Closer is the cheerleader for keeping families connected and intact. Keeping a family unit together during this time of struggle, doubt, frustration, hurt, and remorse are crucial for successful reentry into society. Katrina and the kids waited patiently on our waiting list for six months to visit Pedro. Katrina's emotions and gratitude were overwhelming. The beautiful thing is that the family was able to visit right before the United States shut down due to Covid 19. The following letter shows the extraordinary humanity, kindness, and love of a husband, father, and fellow human being. Dear Cassie, I wanted to write and say thank you for helping my family to come to see me. Thank you so much for that blessing. I had not seen them in so long, and life in here was getting harder. This place and all prisons slowly suck the life and happiness out of a person and their family. Today I feel renewed I feel loved and blessed to have such a loving and caring family that would drive so far to see me. Even though there were many tears and a sad parting, I have been riding on a cloud of joy. I feel stronger knowing I still have that strong bond with Katrina and my children. For that, I thank you because, without your help, it would have been that much harder for them. The world needs all of your kindness and love that you give, and I hope you are blessed every day and that the lucky one who is loved by you if he is in prison makes it home to you soon.

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