A Young Man's Gratitude

Today as I went to retrieve A Day Closer mail I saw in the window of the mailbox that there were several letters. I thought to myself oh yay maybe some donations. There were not any donations but letters from a few people. One of the letters I received today touched my heart with his sincerity, kindness, sweet soul, gratitude, and his love for his family.

A Day Closer had the privilege to assist this young man's family with a visit. I want to share a bit of his letter because this to me is what life is about, helping others we are not put on this earth to be self-serving we are here for a purpose and to add value.

David writes that last month, his mother, brother, and grandmother were able to visit him for the first time since October 2018. After ten months of only phone calls and letters, it was so special to be able to spend those four hours together. It was important to spend time with them; thank you so much.

This young man who Is only in his early 20's went on to tell about his case. I will not share here but know that it is quite traumatic.

David writes how in the past he was able to help his family financially and that he did not think his mom would be able to come visit on her own and he writes " so thank you for taking my place and helping her."

David has taken full responsibility for his actions and strives every day to be his best. He states that when he gets out, he plans to excel in his career, help his family, and pursue public speaking. He also writes, " I will do everything I can to help with your organization."

Thank you, David and David's mom for such a privilege in assisting in your family visit my heart is full.

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