" A Day Closer is the answer to our prayers"

Keeping families connected does not always mean in-person visits. There are circumstances where going to visit your loved one is not feasible. We wrote about Jennifer, her husband George, and their daughter Chloe a couple of weeks ago.

Jennifer had emergency spine surgery in July and has been laid up in a rehabilitation center since her surgery. She cannot physically go to see George. It had been months since they were even able to speak to each other due to finances. Chloe does not understand why she can't talk to daddy; all she knows is that she wants to hear her daddy's voice.

A Day Closer was able to arrange a video call along with setting up an approved phone number for George to call his family. The following is the message that George sent to A Day Closer in what it means to him to now be able to stay connected to his family. A Day Closer always feels so privileged and honored when families allow us to assist in keeping their families connected and intact.

" I hope you understand how much of a blessing you have been to Jan, Chloe, and me. I have been keeping the group in my prayers each night as I pray for my family. I sincerely believe that A Day Closer is an answer to the prayers Jan and I have been praying. Without you and the help you have provided, I don't have any idea what we would have done. I know that you don't do this for recognition or thanks, that is what makes it so special to me. I am so totally in love with Jan, and of course, I am crazy about my daughter. Thanks to you, I am in contact with them. Countless nights I spent worrying about them not knowing how they are doing. Now I have daily contact, and I can now know that they know that I love them each and every day. I believe that it is important to tell your loved ones each day that you love them. You have provided me the way for me to be able to do that. Thank you.

Sincerely, George. "

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