A Day Closer Champions

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I want to show appreciation for and honor A Day Closer Champions. I chose "Rainbow" by Kacey Musgraves because this song resonates with me on the weight our incarcerated loved ones and we carry, but we always find the light and overcome. You all champion not only for your loved one but for all of our loved ones.

So much life lived, and so much life missed in our photos. These photos bring me back to the day "Little Ricky" lost his life at FCI Florence. His sister Mandy had just weeks prior given a heartwrenching testimony about Ricky at a FAMM conference. Her testimony will never escape me, and "Little Rickys" Death will always be haunting.

I see Dianne's smiling face on her way to see her son that she had not seen in three years due to distance. Her excitement was contagious in that she was going to hug her son Daniel, the one she lost to drug addiction many years prior. Daniel received an excessive sentence due to mandatory minimum laws. Daniel chose not to let prison own him, and he overcame his addiction and faced his wrongdoing with courage. He has made remarkable accomplishments for which his mother was very proud of him. A month after Dianne's visit with her son, she passed away.

In these photos, there is new life with babies born, making moms and dads' grandparents. I see Kelly's Mike on a bent knee at visiting proposing to her and offering her his love for a lifetime and being a good keeper of her heart. There are the joyous smiles of Dontrell and his mom Lisa. Dontrell has my heart, and I know he is going to do such good in our world when he returns to society. The loving smiles of Pam and her husband, Quentin. I have watched as Pam has fought with all her might and more for her husband's freedom from a 40-year sentence on a non-violent drug offense. I have shed tears with her as I watch her plea for someone to hear her. I see my friend Suzanne who I met at the FAMM rally in 2018. She is now my advocate wife. There is Edna, who is 1/3 of our "Cool Chick's." I love her. I see Paula, who broke my heart last year at the FAMM conference as tears streamed down her face when speaking about her beloved son. My sweet Maggie, who worked so hard on getting her Steve home on compassionate release. They had a year together before he passed. She is "My sweet Maggie" always. My friend Michelle who supports and encourages me. My Sister-in-law Crystal Ann, who has been my rock for many years. Anrica, you have been a sweet and fierce support in helping me to get my story out.

I could write a whole book on each of you and how you have touched my life and many lives. Each of you are fierce warriors who shower love and support upon each other. I have so much gratitude for having you in my life and for sharing your life with me.

" Believing in People and Valuing Their Worth."

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