A Birthday Spent United

Alycia's son, Dontrell, was in college when he made a mistake that would take away, for now, his college days and place him in the most unlikely place his mother would have imagined: prison.

Dontrell has chosen to take his time in prison as an opportunity to maintain a positive mindset and to wake up with purpose every day.  He has men come to him daily for advice and inspiration. Dontrell is an ambitious young man who not only is looking forward to finishing up his schooling for Electrical Mechanical Engineering, but he also has a love for culinary arts and would like to open a restaurant.

Dontrell's smile could light up a whole city and he is the light in his mother's world. Dontrell and his mother have birthdays one day apart; it was their wish to celebrate their birthdays like they always have in the past. A Day Closer could not be more thrilled and honored to be able to assist in making this birthday wish a reality.

Happy Birthday Alycia and Dontrell!

"Just came out from visiting with my son. It felt great to sit and eat with him as we would do for our birthdays. Thank you so much for helping me get to my baby." Alycia M.

A birthday wish made possible.

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