A Phone Call

A Day Closer was granted an impromptu moment today to help keep a family connected. Jennifer is a member of our A Day Closer Facebook page. She shared a need to be able to speak to George, her fiance' and father of their four-year-old daughter Chloe. They have not seen George in seven months, and Chloe asks for her daddy daily.

Upon reading her need, I noticed I was not the first person to jump into action. A Day Closer has some very loving and individual champions. Always extending a hand, words of compassion, or a little laughter to get us all through our days. Never words of judgment or confrontation from A Day Closer Champions just pure genuine love and concern. I messaged Jennifer to tell her that A Day Closer would like to help her. Our mission is to keep families connected, and being able to talk to your loved one is a huge connection.

Jennifer has been laid up for three months in a physical rehabilitation center after having gone through emergency spine surgery. Jennifer did not have the resources it takes to get set up for phone calls. It is not easy 1, 2,3 like it is for us not incarcerated; it is a process.

Jennifer and Chloe now can talk to George. Additional, bonus they will be enjoying on Monday a video call where Chloe can see her daddy.

One would have thought that Jennifer hit the lottery today with her excitement and gratitude. But it was A Day Closer who hit the lottery with the privilege of assisting in keeping this sweet family connected and intact.


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