A Day Closer makes it possible for our family to stay connected

Meet Twileta, Doug, and their four handsome, beautiful, and delightful children.   A Day Closer is so honored and thrilled to have had the opportunity to assist this family with a visit.

Doug is located about 800 miles from his family. It is difficult for Twileta and the kids to make the journey to visit Doug because the cost of gas and accommodations can set a family back financially by a couple of months or more.

A Day Closer received an extra surprise with this family's visit. A gentleman who is located at the same facility as Doug shared with us that he witnessed the joy and elation of the kids seeing their dad and running up to give him a big hug. It was so exciting and touching for us to hear about this joy. These moments are precisely the reason why A Day Closer was established.

We received a sweet thank-you card from Twileta and the children along with one of their photos from the visit. Twileta wrote "A Day Closer makes it possible for our family to stay connected.  Thank you for giving us time together."

One son wrote "Dear Cassie; I would like to thank you for helping my family to go visit my step-dad. I am very grateful for you being there to support my family."

A  Day Closer is so honored and happy to be a part of making this visit happen and helping in keeping a family connected and intact. We appreciate our families sharing a bit of their visit. These stories bring happiness and hope to others. 

Doug, Twileta, and their children all together again!


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A Day Closer is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that provides resources for people incarcerated and their families. Our mission is to keep families intact.



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